Slim Cool

A watercooler is a useful tool for improving the productivity of your people. Drinking refreshing water stimulates the brains and improves performance. Your cooler can provide not only a vital necessity, but also helps your business forward.

With a cooler, enjoy room-temperature water, nice & fresh for chilled drinks or hot for soups, tea or coffee! We also offer models with sparkling water.

Blue Water Company has a wide range of water coolers, and a choice for everyone.

Slim Cool Watercooler - with natural mineral water bottles

  • Bestseller for private persons

  • With LED lighting

  • Around stylish portrait model

  • Cold and room temperature

  • 26% slimmer than other models

  • H 95,5cm - 20cm ∅

  • Suitable for 11 & 18.9 liter bottles

  • Very easy to maintain

  • Energy efficient and sustainable

Flex Trial - 1 Month for free

Try a watercooler? In a flex trial you get a cooler during 1 month for free at home or in your company and can discover our natural mineral water and associated products - without any further obligations.

You get one bottle of natural mineral water of 18.9 liters - delivered for free!

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